China Witty International Ltd., about our company

A brief introduction to China Witty International Ltd.:

We have been in stone market since 1997.

Here is our sales team:

Sales team of China Witty LTD

In the beginning, it was a small workshop, which performed a simple operation on the stone. we export from China to our customers of Korea - the first contacts with our customers from this country just since that time - 1997, more than 15 years! To date, our customers are world wide from USA, Europe , South Korea , Russia and Middle East, etc.

At the early time, we supplied stone to South Korea. In 2000. - we opened the first factory near Qingdao. At present days we have factories in Xiamen, Fujian and Inner Mongolia,etc.

What does this mean for you?

Our company has entered into the main markets for both south and Nor th of China. Therefore, we will not be in a situation where we need to transport distant stone to our factory. We will be able to save on shipping, and so do you.

In total, our company exists more than 15 years. For you, this may be the confidence that we know how to work with stone, which there are subtleties in its cutting, processing, and even the packaging! You can be sure - your product will arrive in the best possible way.

Also this time applies to our skills in terms of international trade. With us you will not have to worry because we strictly enforce the contract. 15 years of experiences in export guarantees required documents, so you can easily get your precious cargo.

The main products that our company produces are monuments, granite and marble slabs, mosaics, bathroom and kitchen countertops, fireplaces, decorative design elements. Also, the production of various products are conducted by individual specialists.

No matter if you are a Builder, a Contractor, an Inter ior Designer, an Architect or a Distributor, our stone products will help you enhance and complete your projects. We can assure the delivery of superior products at the most competitive price.
Our stone products come from all over of China. We also supply granite and marble from Spain, Italy, Turkey, Norway, Brazil, India, the Middle East, etc. We have a long-term experience in international trade, ensuring the best selection of marble, granite, slate, limestone and onyx.
We pay great attention to the quality of cutting, carving, polishing and flaming of our products, to be able to meet all your demands and satisfy every customer's artistical taste.

On the projects page you can find some interesting works that supplied by us.

Generalists or specialists?

As you probably know, there are pretty much of good stone handling masters in China. But our company is trying not to use the "all-in-one specialists". We prefer the services of professionals who know how to do their job. Some workers know how to deal with a circular saw, while others - how to better and faster polishing stone, and others - for cutting and so on. The most skilled workers perform sculptures, fireplaces and complex items.

Some of our workers are with us since the opening of our company - more than 15 years! Due to the fact that we try to provide them more comfortable enviroment and good salary, we can be sure that the same product will look the same - because they will be produced by the same worker!

After all, each master will make shaped products, in the absence of clear drawings - in its own way. We suppose, it must can meet your specific tastes.


We know how to pack stone products - whether it's a huge monument or polished tiles. You can be assured that your product will arrive to you safely . If you wish, check page where we have collected pictures of our standard package.

Working time

Our factory and office workers have a standard working day, 5 days a week. Although the peak season we can work and more time to be sure that all the goods will be ready on time. But our English-speaking managers are available by phone 24 hours, 7 days a week. So that we can answer any question relating to the manufacture of the order as soon as possible.